Overview of First Android Project and Structure

Overview of Android Project:

This Article only for creating  Android Project at First Time and explain all information in detail. Explain which Activity we use in our project and how it work, don’t worry about coding I will tell you coding part in next Article. This Article only see what the flow of All Android project and Structure , Also see how to build “Gradle Scripts”.

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Steps for How to create First Android Project:

1) Click on Start a new android Studio Project.

There is two panel one is left corner where gives the recent project detail and another side click on “Start a new Android Studio project”.

2) Click on Recent project and open that project.

3) Configure the name and set the location.

Write the name of Project in “Application name” block , give the “Company Domain” anything e.g. ittroubleshooter.in .

In Project location we set the location of our project but there is one condition that our project location shouldn’t have any white space it give “ERROR”.


4) Select the Platform. 

Our Project work on Phone and Tablet then select this option.

  • Select the platform you require i.e. Jelly Bean ,KitKat,Lolipop,Marshmallow .
  • Select those API which your app will run on more of the devices.

5) Add an Activity to mobile.

Select any activity you want. Here I’m select Black activity. You also select Basic Activity, Map activity, Login Activity etc.

6) Customize the Activity.

After select Activity write the name of that activity and give the name to Layout. By default, its name is MainActivity and Layout name is activity_main. Click “finish”.

After that the Project will open at that time you must be connected with internet and take some patience during “Gradle Build Running” and do nothing once process is complete then continue.

Then Highlight path is define the path of our project.

Now, here click on “app” there is three items.

  • Manifests (one .xml file where store all the info related our project like I mention)
  • Java
  • res

In “app” folder second file is “java”. click on java there are three sub-field where .java file are store(all codding files).

  • First Activity is MainActivity where we write all the code.

Next folder is “res” which is resource file. In this file all the Drawable, layout (images, .xml file) are define.

Activity_main.xml file has two console one is Design console where we easily put the item simple drag and drop and another one where we write a code.

Last one is “Gradle Scripts” which is executed while run the project.

Hope this post will help Linux/Unix beginners. Please share you feedback and Comments. Stay tune for more updates with ittroubleshooter.in …!!!

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