How to Design , Execute and Run “Application”

Overview of Designing , Executing and Running an Application

Gradle script are different script which you want to run. Gradle is kind of tool. Gradle is build engine/tool of android studio which build android file in that application and see how to execute our application.

Design Application:

 1)  Design Area

  Palette have different type:

  • Layout
  • Widgets
  • Text Fields
  • Container
  • Date & Time
  • Expert
  • Custom


Here I am using Nexus4 but we can choose device according our different layout. Device parameter mention (resolution, screen size).                                                                                                                                                                              

It’s up to you which screen you want to select. If you select another option then it will display another screen according to your selection.For example : Nexus 7                                                                                                                                                                                   

Click on that button and your orientation/display will change (Landscape, portrait)   
 By default, AppTheme are selected. Many another theme are present, change the themes according your application. Click theme button and display one another window where you can select your themes.

Main Activity:   
Because, now in our application we have only one activity that is main activity, further if we add new activity it will change according the pages or activity.

API Level: 
Here I am using API 23. You can change your API version                                                                                      
Component Tree:
In this area, all the task is display which we perform.
Relative Layout: It gives the space/area where create design.                                                                                                   
In this Layout one text view are selected another thing are also selected with the help of drag and drop from palette.                                                                                                                                                                                    
If double click on that Text view, so there are two option will display:
       Text: Change according to you.
        Id: Id use by referencing.
NOTE: “Id name is always in camel letter first letter is small and next letter first alphabet is big.In coding language, it is called naming convention”.                                                                                                
  • If you select newId(text view).It display all property of the particular object
  • Any property you can change and see the result in the screen.

Execution Application:

2) Creation Emulator:

           Click on play button. When you click on play button so it builds our file.
           One popup is display i.e. Device chooser where we select Emulator.
  There are two option to run application:
     a) Connected Devices:  This option for, if you want to execute application in your Device/Phone.                         

      b) Create New Emulator:

  • We create Emulator only once whole application run on the Emulator.
  • Created AVD (Android Virtual Device)
  • Select Category “ Phone” and its parameter (Name ,size, resolution, density).

Select a system image it display API level, android version, system image.                                                                                

  • Android Virtual Device(AVD) created and verify the configuration.
  • Click Finish and AVD is ready to run application.


Run Application:

  • Click created Emulator , it will take time for execution at first time.
  • First time when you start “AVD” it will take time depending on your system resource.


  • Display that device where application run.
  • Now Booting process of real device, it is also follow same booting process.


Last “Log Window”: (Event Log, Run)
This window displays all the execution, warning, error and message.                                                                                           

If your system resource is slow there is one solution:
  • First time” AVD” run don’t close it.
  • Do your changing in code and save it and again click on “Run button”.
  • It will run currently device and display all new changing.

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