How to Create an EBS Snapshot and EBS Volume From a Snapshot.

Steps to Create an EBS Snapshot.

1) Open the Amazon EC2 Console.

To take the snapshot of the EC2 instance. Firstly you have to login on Amazon  Console Then go to Services –> EC2. In our case we already have two EC2 Instances and create the snapshot of one of the Instance(i.e ITT_Instance1).

2) Create the EC2 Volume Snapshot.

Select “volume” in the navigation panel. Choose which EBS Volume you want to take the snapshot. Then Go “Action” –> “Create Snapshot”, refer below screen-shot.

Note: In our case We creating the snapshot of “vol-0f625ce2b4ae3570e” volume ID.

In the Create Snapshot dialog box(refer below screen-shot), mention the name and description of the snapshot and select “create” button.The AWS console will create the snapshot in a couple minutes.

Go to “snapshots” in the navigation pane. You can check the new snapshot is created.

Create the EBS volume from the snapshot

It is the method to recreating (or restore) the entire EC2 Instance. To restore an EBS volume from a snapshot. Choose snapshots in the navigation pane then go to “Action” –> “Create Volume”.

Note: If your snapshot to a volume in a different region, you can copy your snapshot to the new region and then restore it to a volume in that region, refer below link;

How to Migrate (Copy) an Snapshot between Amazon AWS Regions.

In Create Volume dialog box, fill the volume type, size and Availability Zone.

Note: EBS volumes can only be attached to EC2 instances in the same Availability Zone.

Add tags (optional) to the volume and select “Create volume”.

Select volume in the navigation pane, You can check the new Volume is created, refer below screen-shot.

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